Pro-One Lubricants South Africa

Xtreme Pressure Lubricants


Gear Oil Range

A premium quality Gear Oil Range incorporating unleaded additives to provide extreme pressure lubrication and anti-wear characteristics, rust
and corrosion protection, enhanced oxidation stability and resistance to foaming. These oils have friction modifying characteristics that
reduce power consumption and lower bulk oil temperatures.


• 75W90 GL4
• 75W90 GL5
• 80W90 GL4
• 80W90 GL5
• ISO VG 150
• ISO VG 220
• ISO VG 320
• ISO VG 460
• ISO VG 680
• EP90 GL5


• Outstanding anti-wear properties
• Good oxidation stability
• Good filterability

Pack Sizes:

• 20L Plastic Bottles
• 208 Litre Steel Drums

Typical Properties:

The values of the specifications shown in this table are typical values given as indication only.