Pro-One Lubricants South Africa

Xtreme Pressure Lubricants


Anti-Freeze Range


A superior quality, ethylene glycol based, Anti-Freeze and cooling system conditioner that is specially developed to allow the end user a choice of dilution ratios. PX-1-One Lubricants Anti-Freeze Range is miscible with water of any proportion and is compatible with hard or tap water, however distilled water is recommended for dilution.


• Anti-Freeze 50%
• Anti-Freeze 80%


• Excellent pitting protection for wet sleeve cylinder liners
• Reduced hard water scale
• Improved water pump seal life due to low dissolved solids level
• Remarkable heat transfer capabilities
• Allows a choice of dilution ratios

Pack Sizes:

• 20L Plastic Bottles
• 208 Litre Steel Drums

Typical Properties:

The values of the specifications shown in this table are typical values given as indication only.