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Rock Drilling Oil

A unique blend of High Viscosity Index mineral oils, synthetic fluids, and specialty polymers that provide outstanding film strength and water resistance. Contains ProOne’s XPL+ extreme pressure technology which provides the highest degree of boundary lubrication protection even in wet conditions or under the most extreme shock loading, pounding, and continuous oscillatory vibration


  • All percussion type air tools in wet or dry conditions
  • Rock Drills and Jackhammers
  • Tampers and Rammers
  • Oil or Mist Centralized lubricators or Larger Crawler-Mounted Drill Rigs
  • Riveting and Chipping Hammers


  • Extreme pressure protection
  • Reduces friction, lowers operating torque
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • High solvency characteristics
  • Superior antiwear and lubricity
  • Prevents sluggish valve action
  • Protects components from running dry
  • Environmentally friendly without lead, Chlorine, Phosphorus, or Antimony


AGMA Specification No.3EP4EP
ISO Viscosity Grade No.100150
Cincinnati Machine SpecificationP-76P-77
Viscosity @40oC, cSt90.5140.2
Viscosity @100oF, SUS470700
Viscosity @210oF, SUS6175
Viscosity Index (Typical)10095
Flash Point, COCoF415420
Fire Point, COCoF450470
Pour Point oF-5+10
Rust Inhibition (ASTM D665)PassPass
Copper Corrosion, ASTM D-130,1b1b
3 hrs. @100oC
Timken OK Load, Lbs. ASTM D-27827070
FZG Test, Load Stages Passed12+12+
4 Ball EP Weld Load, ASTM D2596315350
4 Ball Wear Test, ASTM D-22660.390.39
40kg, 1800 RPM, 75C, 1 hour, mm


240051005 gal/18.9L pail1
2405510055 gal/208L drum1
250051505 gal/18.9L pail1
2505515055 gal/208L drum1